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Plastic Injection Molding Design Services

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Bruin Manufacturing’s extensive design services attract and retain our valuable customers.  Our plastics engineers and designers take on full responsibility for the plastic mold design, to develop the perfect custom plastic injection molds for your parts.  Bring your concept to Bruin Manufacturing for complete plastic mold designs that lead to winning products.

The design work at Bruin Manufacturing all takes place in-house.  We have staff engineers and design experts to assist in the development of your custom plastic injection molds.  Our design and mold making capabilities include computerized 3-D imaging through CAD/CAM technology, along with the use of Pro/Engineer, Pro/Mold and AutoCAD design software.  Designers and customers have constant contact to discuss mold design. 

We will work tirelessly to come up with the perfect plastic mold design.  In addition, our engineers design and develop custom plastic injection molds onsite, so we can test under production conditions and assure consistency throughout production runs. 

Cost-Efficient Plastic Injection Molding 

Sometimes, a small adjustment on a design can add years to the life of that product.  Bruin’s designers can also offer suggestions that will cut costs.  We can save you money from the start, why wouldn’t you go with Bruin Manufacturing to design your custom plastic injection molds?  The plastic mold design team at Bruin Manufacturing will always evaluate your design and offer improvements.  This can mean cost savings for the customer, before the custom plastic injection molds are even produced.

At Bruin Manufacturing, our designers can work with you early in the process or anywhere along the way to ensure smooth, efficient plastic injection moldings.  Our unrivaled experience and equipment will help deliver exactly the part you want at the price you need.  Bruin’s design services turn out the highest quality custom plastic injection molds.  Bring us your idea, and let us create a plastic mold design that leads to a profitable product.

In-House Prototyping

Do you need prototyping services? Bruin Manufacturing can help. We design and build production capable prototype molds in-house. These prototype molds are made from the same quality steels as our standard production molds. When you are ready for production, we can produce from the prototype die. This shortens lead-times and reduces costs to get your project going.

We also offer injection mold assembly services.  Contact Bruin today for more information about our injection molding capabilities.

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